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Here are some projects I've done



Content Creator

During the period I've worked at Harmony, I've created valuable content for all its different channels.

My main task involved photography and video, but I also worked on social media, contributing to bringing 1000 new followers and growing the engagement rate as well as creating a more consistent and cohesive image.


at SIL2019

Co-created by Aura Ros

Filming and editing of a corporate video for XPO Logistics's participation at SIL Barcelona 2019, the leader Logistics, Transport, Intralogistics and Supply Chain's fair from South Europe.

Music video for LA BARRACA

Director Assistant and Camera by Aura Ros

I have been part of the technical team on this powerful project, the music video for La Barraca's Carnaval single.


Directed by Aura Ros

Block is my latest project as a director.


We had to prepare the set and shoot this short film in just two hours. That meant a hard work in preproduction.


Despite that, I'm proud of the result we obtained.

Advert for Pentrilo

Directed by Aura Ros

This is an advert I directed for Pentrilo, a painting tools brand.


I have always been reluctant to do anything related to advertising but once I had the chance to do it, I gave it a try and I really enjoyed it! 

Music video for ATZAGAIA

Co-produced and directed by Aura Ros

ATZAGAIA is a young ska music group. We shot this music video in collaboration with the "Castellers de Sants" (a human tower club).


This is the first music video I have made and I really enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to make more.

Unboxing P

Short Film by Aura Ros

"Unboxing P" is about a girl who can suddenly dance. She has never taken dancing lessons (or at least she thinks so). As the plot moves on, her confusion becomes greater till the moment when she finds a box full of ballet dresses and pointe shoes, pictures of herself on the stage and many prizes and diplomas.

Seeing these objects unblock memories of her past as a successful ballerina and of the car crash she had which caused her amnesia.