About me. Who is Aura Ros. Quies es Aura Ros.



Content Creator


I always believed my place was behind a camera, as a filmmaker and photographer. And although I still feel passionate about it and bring the camera with me wherever I go, I am discovering a strong interest in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy as well.

I have experience in both of these worlds. I've been part of many audiovisual projects and I'm starting to find my place on Marketing as well. But what I enjoy the most is when those two fields meet. You can check my PROJECTS.

As I mentioned before, I also enjoy taking photos ( check MY SHOTS). Wherever I go I bring my camera along. I like to observe the world through the lens, I see things I wouldn't see without the camera.

I like to capture landscapes, nature, civilization and people. I like to think that eyes are a window to the soul, faces tell stories.